"Over 40 years of Forecasting"

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We Provide stations with daily weather forecasts that are more accurate than "rip and read" services used by many others!

Our specialty is "style that sells"... customized for each market, large or small!

Our feeds... live or faxed... outshine all the rest!

We talk to your market in understandable, down-to-earth terms. You know what to expect every day and night!

We'll help you meet your budget, while providing your very own "private" weather service!

Reports and forecasts are available via phone, fax, email, or "ftp". Electronic transfers are available in WAV, MP2 or MP3 formats. All files are recorded in our studios using the best high-tech equipment available.

Clients such as CBS Television in San Diego, KZIM Radio in Cape Girardeau MO, WHLC Radio in Highlands NC and WLTB Radio in Binghampton NY can attest to the quality of our broadcasts!

Listen to the current Highlands NC WHLC radio weather broadcast!

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