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WeatherWatch Service monitors weather conditions using Doppler radar across the United States, Canada and many other countries.

WeatherWatch Service Meteorologists can monitor/record rain, snow and other weather conditions at your event site during specific insured event hours. Some other weather conditions that can be monitored include lightning, wind, temperatures and more. We have over 15 years experience using Doppler radar to verify claims for weather insurance. We can also save you money. On-site weather observers can cost hundreds of dollars per hour/ per day. WeatherWatch Service Meteorologists reduce the overall cost with a flat reasonable fee per day rather than prohibitive hourly rates. Multiple day discounts can also be negotiated. WeatherWatch Service Meteorologists use the hi-tech advantage of Doppler radar to determine weather conditions accurately and timely. Reports are available within 24 hours so knowing whether you have a payable claim soon after your event is simplified. Doppler radar is also more reliable with overlapping stations so if one is unavailable the next nearest radar will take its place. So when you buy weather insurance for your next outdoor event, have the WeatherWatch experts monitor the weather at your exact location leaving nothing to chance. Let WeatherWatch Service save you time, money and worry by employing the hi-tech advantage of Doppler. WeatherWatch Service is not a seller or reseller of weather insurance nor is it affiliated with any weather insurance provider.

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